The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Program honours the memory of Sunshine Coast mum Cindy Mackenzie who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer in 2006, aged 39. 

Since its inception in 2007 by a group of Cindy's passionate family and friends, the program has supported more than 350 local families living with breast cancer. The then Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation used its annual PINKTOBER® campaign to raise funds to underpin its operations. 

In September 2015, The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital proudly took on responsibility for the program and has since configured an expanded range of services using its networks and clinical expertise. 

As the Sunshine Coast’s only not-for-profit private hospital, the program ​relies on the generosity of the community to be able to continue to support Sunshine Coast families affected by breast cancer. Find out more about the range of services offered by Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Program, or download our program brochure here.

Show your support and recognise people you know that have been affected by breast cancer. Every effort will contribute to raising breast cancer awareness and support for local families affected by breast cancer, so please join us in PINKUp for PINKTOBER® and get behind your local breast cancer appeal.

PINKTOBER® is proudly supported by: