Postnatal Depression Program

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Buderim Private Hospital’s Postnatal Depression Program is an outpatient treatment program designed to help mothers suffering from postnatal depression.


Buderim Private Hospital’s Cooinda Mental Health Service provides a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services. The service provides treatment programs for a range of common mental health programs that anyone can suffer at any stage of life.

Having a baby should be a happy experience. At least that is what society expects and what many mothers demand of themselves. However, the reality is often quite different. Having a new baby, whether it is the first or third, is a major life changing event and takes a lot of re-adjustment for everyone involved, but especially for mothers.

Mothers are often faced with numerous changes including a loss of their independence, income, interaction with colleagues, adult company and sleep. Although most mothers have an awareness of what’s coming, few are ever fully prepared against the shock of the arrival of a new baby. Many mothers find these changes overwhelming and instead of feeling overjoyed and in love with their baby, they feel anxious, overwhelmed and depressed. These feelings can range from being tolerable to becoming intolerable, making it difficult or impossible to function.

About 10 per cent of all mothers experience postnatal depression. The onset can be anytime between week six and the first year after the birth of the child.

About the program

The objectives of the six week program are for participants to gain a better understanding of postnatal depression and to learn strategies that can assist to alleviate its symptoms and prevent relapse.

Therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and client working towards a shared understanding of the factors that maintain postnatal depression. These may include relationship problems, emotional distress, physical issues and unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.

The aim of therapy is to help participants to overcome these problem areas and lift depression.

Program format

Participation in the Postnatal Depression Program requires that you attend group therapy for two half days per week for six consecutive weeks. The group size is a minimum of five people and a maximum of 10.

If required, you can also access a psychologist for individual therapy sessions to work through issues in private.

Facilities and equipment to allow you to bring your baby to these group sessions will be available, including special child minding services to care for your baby onsite while you attend the program.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of highly-skilled mental health professionals with a special interest in working with people experiencing post-natal depression. Our team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health clinical nurses, an exercise physiologist, occupational therapist and social worker.

What is included?

  • All materials relevant to participating in the program
  • Access to complimentary mental health carers and family information sessions
  • Links to relevant agencies
  • Morning tea

Program costs

Costs of the program may be supported by:

  • Private health funds
  • Self-funding (upon approval)

Suitability and referral

If you are interested in attending this program, pleasespeak to your GP who can make a referral to one of our credentialed psychiatrists. Your treating psychiatrist will provide an assessment to ensure suitability and confirm the program will meet your needs.

Visit to view the contact information of all of Buderim Private Hospital’s credentialed psychiatrists and click here to access the referral form.