What to bring to hospital

For Mother

Bring in all your coping strategies and a sense of humour!

  • Pack and be ready for a 4-5 day stay from about 3-4 weeks before your due date
  • At least three packets of large pads
  • Tissues, watch, pens, your own preferred music charging units and camera/phone
  • Pack as if you are going away for a short ‘holiday’: toiletries, shoes, day and night clothes
  • Disposable underwear and crops tops seem to work for some
  • Three to four pairs of pyjamas/ nighties that open to the waist and maternity bras
  • Any forms given to you by Pre-Admission Clinic which need to be signed and handed back

For Baby

Bring in:

  • Hair brush and comb
  • Long all in one jumpsuits – you will need at least six sets of clothes
  • Babies wear singlets and long jumpsuits/ onesies and then tend to be wrapped in bunny rugs or muslin wraps (please note the air-conditioning can be cold for babies)
  • Think carefully about the type of chemicals you want on your baby for bath time and nappy changes. Pure soap, hypoallergenic or no soap may be best. Essential oils should not be used on babies under 12 months of age.

For Partner

Bring in all the supportive skills that you can muster and:

  • Snack pack to keep you going during labour
  • Boardies for water birth/labour
  • Clothes for the 4 to 5 day stay, including night wear and shoes
  • Partners need cash for purchases at the canteen, for lunch, during the week

Hospital provides

  • A team of staff who will be helping as you adapt to parenting.
  • Heat packs and ice packs for mothers
  • Large pads for the first day or so
  • Hairdryer
  • Disposable nappies, plain wipes
  • There is a limited supply of wraps and singlets available

Be aware

  • Candles and wheat packs are not permitted due to the fire risk
  • Some of the pre moistened nappy wipes can cause nappy rash in little babies
  • Wi-Fi is available for patients and guests
  • An approved car restraint needs to be fitted in advance as babies, by law, must not travel without it