Women's Health Clinic

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The Women’s Health Clinic offers a one-on-one physiotherapy based service which utilises the latest technology and multi-disciplinary expertise.

About the Clinic

The clinic appreciates the individuality of each woman and caters to her unique needs and includes education, assessment, pelvic floor and core re-training and exercise programs, prescription of supportive garments or devices, development of home-based programs and self management techniques.

The Women’s Health Clinic caters for:

• Women of all ages

• Postnatal and antenatal women, including women seeking advice regarding pregnancy or birth

• Women pre and post gynaecological surgery

• Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction including dyspareunia, incontinence/retention of bladder or bowels

• Women seeking education regarding good pelvic floor habits and safe exercise

Clinic goals

• Assist women experiencing or seeking education regarding dysfunction of urinary, defecation or reproductive systems, including (but not exclusive to) incontinence, urgency, frequency, constipation, pelvic pain, musculoskeletal pain associated with pregnancy of the postnatal period

• Facilitate the safe return to exercise and the activities of daily life either postnatally and/or post-operatively

• Provide a confidential and private service to openly discuss any concerns

Program format

• One-on-one consultation and treatment with a physiotherapist specially trained in women’s health

• Gym access, as required

The duration of the program will depend on the needs of each individual and can range from a single session to six weeks.

Program benefits

The Women’s Health Clinic will help you establish a safe and effective program catered to your individual needs. The benefits you experience may include:

• Facilitating a safe return to exercise and daily life

• Decreasing pain and discomfort

• Education and self management of the your condition

• Improving function and strength of pelvic floor and related systems

Suitability and referral

You can access Women’s Health Clinic services by self-referral or via your GP, specialist or other health professional such as a physiotherapist, personal trainer, occupational therapist or nurse.

Click here to access the referral form which can be completed and emailed to buderimdayrehab@uchealth.com.au

Your referral will then be assessed by the clinical team to ensure suitability and confirmation that the program will meet your needs.

Program costs

Program costs may be supported by:

• Private health funds

• Self-funding

For more information, call our team on 07 5430 3273.

What to bring

• Comfortable clothing

• Any recent scans/ultrasounds/tests relating to your current condition

Contact us

Let us know if you have any questions about the Women's Health Clinic:

P: 07 5430 3273
F: 07 5430 3255
E: buderimdayrehab@uchealth.com.au