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PET/CT scanner now available on the Sunshine Coast to help cancer patients


The Sunshine Coast’s first PET/CT scanner, an essential diagnostic tool for the assessment of cancer, has been introduced at Sunshine Coast Medical Imaging in Buderim.

Based at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Sunshine Coast Medical Imaging’s PET/CT scanner means local residents now have access to the latest and most advanced diagnostic imaging service.

General Manager of The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Wallis Westbrook, said the introduction of the scanner was a big step forward for local patients.

“We are a large and growing regional centre and our local residents deserve access to these sorts of services, especially when they are struggling with a significant health issue such as cancer,” Mr Westbrook said.

Sunshine Coast Medical Imaging General Manager, Darren Schwedes, said that PET/CT scanning also helps to accurately determine the stage of the cancer.

“The development of PET/CT, with its accurate localisation of functional imaging has had a major impact in several medical fields, including oncology, cancer staging, surgical planning, prostate imaging and radiation oncology planning,” Mr Schwedes said.

Previously the closest centres to offer PET/CT (or Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography) scanning were located in Brisbane and Townsville which required significant travel for local patients.

Mr Schwedes said the PET/CT scanner has been approved for Medicare rebates which would allow bulk billing for patients diagnosed with specific forms of cancer.

“Our team of experienced radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and clinic staff aim to provide the highest standard of service and the addition of a PET/CT scanner enables us to provide the Sunshine Coast region with a truly comprehensive service not previously available,” he said.

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