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Care to Share video series

Creating a healthier community.

Your health and the health of your family are the most important things in the world. But there's a lot of misinformation out there, and getting healthcare ​support you can really trust isn’t always easy. That’s why Buderim Private Hospital created ​CARE to ​SHARE  - a video series aimed at providing simple information, inspiration and support from our passionate team of ​healthcare professionals.

Receive the latest Care to Share videos as they are released.It’s real doctors and real clinicians, sharing real tips to help you get more out of life. Because your health matters.

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Picking up the pieces from PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often leads to people struggling with depression, anxiety and addiction and experiencing difficulties at work, home and socially.

Senior Psychologist Berquin Human from the Cooinda Mental Health Service explains what PTSD is, what the main symptoms are and the treatments available to help people pick up the pieces from PTSD and reclaim their lives.


Helping to make the best of breast cancer

With almost 500 Sunshine Coast women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, some of our very own friends, family and neighbours are fighting the battle of their lives and are suffering physically, financially and emotionally.

Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Program Coordinator, Lisa Daldy, explains the services we offer to help local families struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis, how people can access the program and how you can provide support.


In case of emergency...

The Sunshine Coast’s first private Emergency Centre will open later this month which will offer our community access to fast and quality emergency care from the heart.

General Manager, Wallis Westbrook, explains what you can expect at the Emergency Centre and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at this new state-of-the-art facility.


How your brain causes you pain

Our body’s response to persistent pain is complex – our brain is influenced by our perception of danger and this can have a dramatic effect on us physically and emotionally.

Pain Specialist, Dr Paul Frank,
explains what can cause persistent pain and how understanding more about why things hurt can actually help treat pain.

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Do you trust robots with your health?

The benefits of robots in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer are proven. Minimally invasive techniques lead to patients recovering with less pain and bleeding.

Urologist Dr Tim Nathan explains the nuts and bolts of robotic surgery for prostate cancer here.

Are tonsils holding your child back?

In most cases getting sick is a normal part of childhood but for some children, chronic tonsil issues such as recurring infections can make their lives miserable.

And if your child snores or is a restless sleeper they may have obstructive tonsils, which can lead to problems down the track.

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr Adam Blond explains what symptoms to look out for and the potential benefits of surgery.

Spinal surgery is not as scary as you think

Spinal surgery has had a reputation as being very painful, with a prolonged recovery time, but modern techniques mean that is no longer the case.

Spinal Surgeon Dr Stephen Byrne explains the advantages of modern surgical procedures, the recovery process and who might benefit.

O-Arm Imagery: Copyright ©2018 Medtronic. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Bosom Buddies – Mythbusting the causes of breast cancer

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about the causes of breast cancer but there are a few things you don’t need to worry about.

Breast surgeon, Dr Lisa Creighton, puts your mind at ease about bras and deodorant, and offers some important health tips for busy women.

Why our hospital changed its name

After almost 40 years, we’ve decided now was the time to make a change from The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital to Buderim Private Hospital.

Our General Manager, Wallis Westbrook, explains why.

This video could save your life

We’ve all heard about someone clutching their left arm when having a heart attack or stroke, but is that fact or fiction?

Cardiologist, Steven Kypraios, reveals the truth about heart attacks and how to prevent them in the first place.

The raw facts about sushi and pregnancy

Answers to the burning questions that all pregnant women want to know. Am I allowed coffee or alcohol during pregnancy? Do I really have to avoid certain foods? What else do I need to know to have a healthy pregnancy?

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr James Orford, has the answers for you in our latest video.

The beat goes on – exercising after a heart attack

The thought of exercising after a heart attack can seem a little daunting but there’s a raft of reasons why cardiologists recommend it as a way of assisting with recovery and preventing a recurrence.

Our Exercise Physiologist gives some easy tips to get back on your feet through a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Fun-knee bone

There’s nothing fun-knee about arthritis. Not only are the symptoms uncomfortable but the condition itself can be extremely debilitating.

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr George Parker, explains that arthritis isn’t simply part of getting older and how you can benefit from early intervention.

Buderim's hospital beginnings

Since 1980, our not-for-profit hospital has proudly cared for hundreds of thousands of people from across the Sunshine Coast.

Clinical Director and Nurse, Rae Priaulx, fondly explains how one woman’s vision of establishing a local healthcare facility has become a reality.

Hands, shoulders, knees and toes

There’s a lot involved in planning for an orthopaedic procedure such as a knee or hip replacement. 

Hear from Dr Steve Lawrie, our Chairman of Orthopaedics about things to consider before your surgery and how we can support you.

You’re so vein

For some of us, spider or varicose veins are just a part of getting older. But can you prevent them? And does crossing your legs or not matter?

Vascular surgeon, Dr Karl Schulze, tells us some practical ways to avoid developing them in the first place.

The A to DDD of breast care

Top tips on how, when and where we should be looking after our ‘breast’ friend.

​Dr Emma Secomb, Breast and Endocrine Surgeon, reassures us that while we should know our own body, we don’t have to be the expert and go it alone.

Take the pressure down

High blood pressure, or the ‘silent killer,’ affects around 50% of the population.

Cardiologist, Dr Alana Harris tells us how you can get your heart healthy. Watch the video now.

The truth about bacon for brekky

Bacon for breakfast is generally considered an indulgent treat. But is this brekky classic really that bad for you?

Dr Ian Baxter; Bariatric, Laproscopic and General Surgeon, explains.

Mummy, daddy, how are babies made?

Want to know when your best baby making days are? Are you already TTC (trying to conceive) and need some reminders on how to maximise your chances?

Waste no more time trying in vain, watch our Obstetrician, Dr Kelvin Larwood.

Maintenance for men - prostate cancer and men's health

Heard a lot about prostate cancer but still not clear on what's what?

​Get the facts from our Urologist, Dr Tony Gianduzzo.

How is clinical depression different from feeling sad?

We’ve all had tough days. And we know being sad is bound to happen. But when does sadness cross the line and become clinical depression?

Psychiatrist, Dr Dhushan Illisenghe, explains.


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