Costs and Health Insurance

Buderim Private Hospital can claim directly from your private health fund if you choose. Your private health insurer will send the payment directly to the Hospital to be credited to your account. We recommend that you contact your private health insurer before admission to the hospital to ensure you have adequate cover.

Third Party Liability Claims, such as motor vehicle accidents
Your account is payable in full upon discharge and you are directly responsible for recovery of your expenses.

Worker’s Compensation
The Hospital needs an approval number or written approval from the Workers’ Compensation Board prior to admission. Unless we receive this, your account is pay able in full upon discharge.

Overseas Claims
Payment of medical and hospital expenses are the responsibility of the patient and must be finalised on discharge. If you wish, we will obtain information from your travel insurance company regarding your refund entitlement.

Unexpected Expenses
Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may cause medical expenses to be higher than originally expected. If you have any concerns regarding the finalisation of your account, please contact the Patient Accounts Manager on extension 3497 or (07) 5430 3497 from outside the Hospital.


Financial consent

All patients have the right to be informed of any out-of-pocket expenses prior to their admission. You will be asked to complete an Informed Financial Consent (amount you will be required to pay the hospital, if applicable) form on admission.