Wesley Research Institute

Two scientists in protective glasses inspect a slide.

Buderim Private Hospital is proud to partner with Wesley Research Institute, a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on improving patient care and quality of life through applied health and medical research.

Wesley Research Institute's vision is to be recognised as a world leader in applied medical research and be acknowledged for achieving excellence and innovation in patient care.

It aims to foster a strong research culture, investing in innovations that lead to faster diagnoses, better treatment options and ultimately cures for the most debilitating illnesses and disease.

As the official research partner for UnitingCare, its research outcomes impact all hospitals in the UnitingCare family, including and Buderim Private Hospital on the Sunshine Coast, St Stephen’s Hospital at Hervey Bay, and St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital and The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

Run a Clinical Trial

If you are a clinician, scientist or sponsor interested in collaborating with Wesley Research Institute to run a clinical trial for your chosen area of research, please email clinicaltrials@wesleyresearch.org.au to express your interest and our clinical trials team will get in touch with you.

Join a clinical trial

Both healthy participants and those diagnosed with a disease or condition are needed to help find new ways to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure illness. If more people are involved in clinical trials, it may reduce the time it takes to make new interventions widely available. If you would like to express your interest in participating in a clinical trial in Tourette Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Cardiac disease, Coeliac disease or Rare diseases, please email clinicaltrials@wesleyresearch.org.au and our clinical trials team will get in touch with you.