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Our emergency service has minimal wait times, the latest medical technology, and a team of physicians delivering world-class emergency care from the heart, when you need it most.

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Whether it’s a sudden accident, illness, injury or pain, the Buderim Private Hospital Emergency Centre is available to patients of all ages. The Buderim Private Hospital Emergency Centre is proudly operated by Care 24-7, a leader in private emergency care.

Referral and assessment

Patients may choose to visit the Buderim Private Emergency Centre independently or may be referred by their GP or the Queensland Ambulance Service. On arrival, you will be assessed by an experienced emergency nurse called a ‘triage nurse’ who will review your symptoms.

You will then be seen by a doctor in order of priority, with patients needing the most urgent care to be seen first. We are committed to offering fast, quality care from the heart and aim to ensure your emergency room wait time is at an absolute minimum. We understand that in an emergency every minute matters, which is why you are able to visit our website and see the current emergency wait time to see one of our specialist doctors.

We recommend that mobile phones are turned off or placed on silent-mode during consultation with the nurses and doctors. This will help minimise any distraction so that our nurses and doctors can focus on your safe care and treatment.

Everyone is welcome at the Emergency Centre even if you don’t have private health insurance. If required, admission to the Buderim Private Hospital can be arranged directly from the Emergency Centre. Patients without private health insurance can self-fund their hospital stay or opt to be transferred to a public hospital.

Emergency wait times

In a medical emergency, you will be seen by a doctor following your assessment by the triage nurse. We will do our very best to make sure you are comfortable and that we keep your wait for a doctor to a minimum. Please let the nurse know if your condition changes in any way during this time.

We ask that you do not eat or drink while waiting for the doctor as this can affect any tests or procedures you may need.

If you are a patient requiring admission into the hospital for further treatment, you may on some occasions experience delays getting to the ward. We strive to keep any emergency wait times to a minimum and our staff will be on hand should you require any assistance. Your health and safety is our number one priority.

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