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New world-class procedure to treat uterine fibroids now available on the Sunshine Coast


TSCPH Dr Jonathan Robertson_lowresA highly effective procedure to treat women affected by uterine fibroids is now being offered on the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Jonathan Robertson, an interventional radiologist at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim, now offers the uterine fibroid embolisation procedure which is less invasive compared to surgical alternatives and offers faster recovery.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the muscular wall of the uterus that affect between 20-40% of women of childbearing age.

“They often cause no symptoms but can sometimes be troublesome and result in heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, or pressure on the bladder or bowel causing a frequent urge to urinate or constipation,” Dr Robertson said.

“Some studies show they can weaken fertility or cause pregnancy complications,” he said.

“While this procedure is well established in other parts of Australia, many local women don’t even know it exists so I am really excited to be able to offer it on the Sunshine Coast.”

5 - 9 September is National Women’s Health Week – in 2016 the campaign highlights that while women can be good talkers, when it comes to health, they often don’t take the time to ask questions, seek out credible information and work on a sound plan of action.

“The uterine fibroid embolisation procedure is minimally invasive and involves inserting a 2mm tube through a tiny nick in the groin or wrist to access the artery. This tube is then guided into the blood supply to the fibroid which is then blocked with tiny particles like sand. This causes the fibroids to shrink over time,” Dr Robertson said.

“Women usually have an overnight stay in hospital and go home the next day. They are usually able to resume normal activities within a few days of the procedure,” he said.

Alternative uterine fibroid treatments include hysterectomy and myomectomy, which are major operations. Uterine fibroid embolisation is a highly effective treatment for women who are not suitable or don’t want surgery and want to keep their uterus.

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital has been serving the community since 1980 and is part of UnitingCare Health - one of the largest not-for-profit private hospital groups in Queensland which operates more than 1000 licensed beds across four hospitals.

Wallis Westbrook, General Manager of The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, said he was proud to be able offer this procedure to women on the Sunshine Coast.

“The introduction of this world-class procedure on the Sunshine Coast compliments the many other women’s health services our hospital at Buderim continues to offer in response to the health and wellbeing needs of our community,” Mr Westbrook said.

Dr Robertson offers a comprehensive clinical interventional radiology service and is now accepting referrals. If you think you may benefit from this procedure, talk to your GP or gynaecologist about a referral. Dr Roberston’s practice can be contacted directly on 07 5444 6003 or you can visit his website here.