VMP Orientation Evaluation

The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim is committed to reviewing and evaluating organisational services. The evaluation of our VMP orientation process provides an opportunity for analysis of our established processes to ensure that the orientation and on-boarding information provided is appropriate.

We ask that you complete the following evaluation form. Collated responses will be given to the Regional Director of Medical Services for rewiew and management. Anonymity of response is assured.

Please nominate your responses below.
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Is the orientation information clearly presented?
How would you rate your interaction with the credentialing office?
Was the orientation process easy to folllow?
Was the explanation of the By-laws & Code of Conduct sufficient?
What was your impression of the Interview and Orientation by RDMS?
Information supplied regarding Hospital Sessions?
Information supplied regarding Incident Management?
Information supplied regarding Medical Advisory Committee?
Information supplied regarding Specialty Craft Groups?
Information supplied regarding Bookings and Admissions?
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Meeting with Business Development Manager
(if any)
Meeting with Administration Manager
(if any)
Meeting with CNM/Wards
(if any)
Meeting with Procedural Area Managers
(if any)
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