St Stephen's Hospital Mental Health Services

Mental health is one of the major health issues facing Australia in the 21st century with more than 45 per cent of the population experiencing a mental health issue during their lifetime, whether it’s depression, anxiety or addiction.

Often these conditions go untreated due to misconceptions in society about their seriousness, which can lead to feeling isolated and unsupported within the community.

Don’t let this happen to you! It’s never too late to seek support. We can help you - all you need to do is talk to your GP about it and they will organise a referral to our Cooinda Mental Health Service at our hospital.

These 10-week group therapy sessions combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills and peer support. Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a group of patients come together to work through their problems with one or more psychotherapists.

There are different types of group therapy including groups in which the interactions between patients are analysed and discussed (called process orientated groups), and groups in which patients are taught specific cognitive and behavioural skills that help them to overcome their anxiety (called psychoeducational groups). St Stephen’s sessions are psychoeducational.