Water control measures


The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital advised Queensland Health today of a single positive test result for Legionella Pneumophila from a non-patient area staff bathroom.

As outlined on our Water Management Status page, The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital implements best practice guidelines for the eradication of legionella, and implements the recommendations of the enHealth "Guidelines for Legionella Control in the Operation and Maintenance of Water Distribution Systems in Health and Aged Care Facilities" which were endorsed by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee in December 2015.

Based on the enHealth recommendations the following control measures have been implemented by The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital following the positive test result:

  • Thorough cleaning of fittings has been conducted. This involves removal and disassembly of the components, and inspection and cleaning of individual components in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Following cleansing and remediation The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital ​locked access to the bathroom and re-tested the water. Results from re-testing may take up to 14 days for confirmation. This bathroom will remain ​locked until a negative result is achieved.

The hospital’s water is safe to use.