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Valentine’s Day heart-felt message from Sunshine Coast cardiologist


This Valentine’s Day a Sunshine Coast Cardiologist is giving the Sunshine Coast community some heart-felt information to help their heart health.

Dr Steven Kypraios, based at the Buderim Private Hospital, said he was delighted to feature in the most recent video in the hospital’s Care to Share series which will be released to community members on Valentine’s Day (Wednesday 14 February).

“I think the video will play an important role in helping to spread the message of heart disease prevention, and encourage our community to take control of their heart health so they can avoid serious issues in the future,” Dr Kypraios.

“In the video, I also talk about how to identify a heart attack – it’s important for people to understand that chest discomfort that comes from a heart attack, or the warnings of a heart attack, doesn’t necessarily feel the same way as a typical description of a heart attack such as tightness in the chest going down the left arm,” he said.

“It can also feel like indigestion, like tightness in the throat or an unusual feeling in the arms or between the shoulder blades.”

“If this happens you should seek immediate medical attention – the earlier you get this attention, the earlier we can administer treatments that could save your life.”

In the video Dr Kypraios also seeks to educate about lifestyle changes we can make to help avoid experiencing heart disease in the future – these include eating non-processed foods, not smoking, drinking in moderation, maintaining a healthy body weight and being active.

Rae Priaulx, Director of Clinical Services, said that Valentine’s Day proved an opportune time to reach out to the community on matters of heart health.

“This Valentine’s Day we are calling on the Sunshine Coast community to make the day a time to talk to a loved one about their heart health,” Ms Priaulx said.

“Dr Kypraios’ messages about how to identify a heart attack and prevent one in the future are very powerful and necessary for people to understand and discuss because it really could save a life,” she said.

The Buderim Private Hospital’s Care to Share video series was launched in March 2017 and features relevant medical education from the hospital’s highly experienced doctors and clinicians.

Buderim Private Hospital has been serving the community since 1980 and is part of UnitingCare Health - one of the largest not-for-profit private hospital groups in Queensland which operates more than 1000 licensed beds across four hospitals.

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