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Tayla’s story: From Buderim baby to budding nurse

Tayla Ferguson

Tayla’s Buderim Private Hospital story starts decades ago when she became the first baby born at the hospital to be airlifted out by helicopter.

‘Tiny Tayla’, as the local newspaper named her at the time, was born five weeks premature and needed to be transferred to Brisbane for specialised care.

A makeshift helipad was created at the local Headland Golf Course practice fairway and Tayla was quickly on her way to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where she spent her first few days of life.

“Thankfully the helicopter was able to land nearby on the golf course and get me to Brisbane,” Tayla said.

Fast forward and Tayla is now excelling as a registered nurse working in Buderim’s 4B surgical ward.

Although not a career she had ever imagined for herself, over the past seven years Tayla has continued to advance as a nurse and was recently recognised with a Values in Practice (VIP) Award which celebrates team members who go above and beyond to put our values into action.

“My mum worked at Buderim Private Hospital for 30 years and she was a Clinical Nurse Manager for the last 16 of those years. I was always surrounded by nurses when I was growing up,” Tayla said.

“Mum would always say nursing is a great career because it can take you anywhere! But I loved horses and the country so initially pursed a career in agriculture,” she said.
Tayla - Local newspaper article
Tayla moved to western Queensland after school to follow her passion and chase a career in the country.

There she met her partner and while living together on a farm near Oberon in New South Wales, Tayla started thinking more about her mum’s advice and the benefits of being a nurse.

“I spent years out west working in agriculture before eventually I decided I would go to TAFE and study to become an enrolled nurse,” Tayla said.

“I thought it would be a great option for me to be able to complement my partner’s working life on the farm,” she said.

“Eventually, we moved back to Queensland and I finished my studies and applied for a graduate nurse position at Buderim Private Hospital.

“I was lucky enough to be accepted and gained experience through two rotations during my graduate year to the surgical and rehabilitation wards,” she said.

Tayla continued working on the 4B surgical ward for many years after completing her graduate year and was inspired by her nursing colleagues to continue her studies.

“After a few years in the role, I thought I can definitely be a registered nurse. So, I applied and started studying to become an RN at university,” Tayla said.

Since becoming a registered nurse, Tayla has continued caring for patients on her beloved Ward 4B.

“I love my team and we all work very well together which makes all the difference,” Tayla said.

“I enjoy the variety of the surgical ward and the opportunity it provides to care for young paediatric patients as well.

“Most of all, I love nursing for the opportunity it provides to connect with people. I love hearing our patients’ stories and I find that I am able to easily click and connect with them.

“I’ve already been here at Buderim for seven years and I look forward to the many years to come in my career!”

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