COVID Research Appeal


Unlock the secrets of COVID-19 faster – and save more lives


Donate to help fast-track vital research

Your donation today will help fast-track Australian research that has a single, simple purpose: to stop diseases and viruses like COVID-19 from taking lives.

Wesley Medical Research and Buderim Private Hospital has established the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The centre connects some of the best researchers in Australia to data and information from healthcare professionals, frontline carers and patients around the world.

It’s a fast, efficient way to quickly unlock the deadly secrets of COVID-19 and protect human life.

Your gift can help save millions of lives.

Four very promising projects need $1,444,000 in funding now.

By funding them, you could:

  • Find ways to keep frontline workers safe from COVID-19 infection.
  • Test an existing treatment to see if it can cure COVID-19.
  • Help intensive care doctors know the most effective time to ventilate critically ill patients.
  • Find out whether COVID-19 causes significantly more damage to people with heart conditions.

Australian medical researchers are working around the clock to halt the deadly progress of diseases and viruses like COVID-19.

Please, support their work today.


Wesley Medical Research and Buderim Private Hospital

Wesley Medical Research is the research arm of The Wesley, St Andrew’s, St Stephen’s and Buderim Hospitals. Your donation today will fund vital research to improve patient care and ultimately save more lives.

Research conducted as part of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Centre is already making an impact. We urgently need funds to make sure this work delivers on its potential as quickly as possible.

- Claudia Giurgiuman, General Manager, Wesley Medical Research

Meet the researchers

Professor John Fraser, Director of Intensive Care Unit, St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

Prof Fraser’s work will provide frontline carers with the evidence they need to make decisions about their patients in intensive care units. His research could save lives and make a huge difference to resource allocation in healthcare systems around the world.

Proudly working locally in collaboration with The Common Good.

“Without data, we are driving blindfolded at 100 km/hr – with intensive care patients in the vehicle,”

Professor Bala Venkatesh, Director of the Intensive Care Unit at The Wesley Hospital

Prof Bala Venkatesh is planning a large, multi-site clinical trial to determine whether a safe, low-cost agent known as hydroxychloroquine could be given to healthcare workers around the world to protect them against COVID-19 infection.

“There is a shortage of protective equipment around the globe, and finding ways to protect frontline healthcare workers is now an urgent priority.”

Dr John Rivers, Cardiologist, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital

Dr John Rivers is investigating the impacts of COVID-19 on patients who suffer from reduced heart function.

“Tens of thousands of Australians are diagnosed with reduced heart function every year, and it’s essential that we better understand the impact of COVID-19 on these vulnerable patients.”

Professor David Paterson, Infectious Diseases Physician at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital

Prof Paterson is leading a clinical trial to determine whether two anti-viral treatments – already approved for use in patients with malaria and HIV – are effective in treating COVID-19, either alone or in combination.

"There’s certainly positive signals either this HIV drug or this anti-malaria drug actually work really well against COVID-19.”

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