Access a parent group


Access a parent group

Congratulations on your new baby! The days, weeks and months following the birth of your baby will be exciting, joyful and, at times, challenging. It’s good to build a strong network of support to help you through these initial few months.

After giving yourself the time you need to recover, parent groups are a great way to venture outside of the home with your new baby in a supportive and positive environment. They offer a range of benefits, including the opportunity to:

  • Socialise and feel less isolated
  • Develop friendships with other mothers/parents
  • Ask questions, discuss your experience and support one another
  • Learn about different approaches to parenting
  • Get out and about with your new baby.

Overall these groups provide easy access to a network of people that know what you’re going through, and they can help with a range of issues that new parents face. This can include anything from emotional support to finding the best babysitters in your area.

Finding the right group for you is key. Here are a few tips to help you in your search.

During pregnancy

Our antenatal classes are a great opportunity to find a suitable group. You can make contacts with other expecting parents in your class to organise a group among yourselves.

After birth

When you return for you six-week check-up, ask your obstetrician for a recommendation.

Often times, friends and family members with children of their own are a great source of information. Ask those you know and love if they can recommend a suitable group. Your local child health service is also a good place to start.

A little online research can also go a long way in finding the right group. Look up parents groups in your area to see what is available. The following can help you get started:

What to look for in a parent group

It’s important to find a group that makes you feel comfortable and supported. A few things to think about include:

  • Find a group in your local area: convenience goes a long way in ensuring you’ll actually go, particularly when you’re busy with your new baby.
  • Look into specialist groups: there are all sorts of groups out there, so it’s worth doing a bit of research if you’re looking for something specific (premature baby groups for example).
  • Draw on your hobbies: if you’re into fitness, parent and baby exercise groups might work out well for you. Alternatively, if you enjoy meditation, hiking, yoga or any other hobby that you and your new baby can enjoy together, there’s likely a whole group of likeminded new parents you can join.