Cardiac Rehabilitation

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The program provides a prescribed, monitored exercise and education program to assist people with recovery and their return to normal daily activities, occupation, hobbies and optimal fitness level.

The program is tailored to suit your specific circumstances by expert health professionals to ensure you get the best possible results.

About the program

The program includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment and planning session
  • Ten exercise sessions over five weeks to learn your safe activity limits and how to self-monitor while exercising
  • Ten information sessions to provide the chance to ask questions and compare notes with others in a similar situation
  • A multi-displinary team to guide you through the program and liasie with your doctor to ensure consistent and coordinated care
  • The development of an individualised exercise program so patients can continue their rehabilitation at home

Benefits of the prorgam may include improved exercise tolerance, improved muscle strength, reduced  anxiety and depression, and improved wellbeing.

How to access the program

Patient referrals can be made from a cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, physician, GP or after being an inpatient ​of Buderim Private Hospital or other hospital. Once referred, you will be assessed for suitability and contacted by a member of the team.

Referring physicians and GPs will receive a report detailing participation and discharge exercise capacity.

Program costs

Buderim Private Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program costs may be supported by:

  • Private health funds
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Self-funding (upon approval)

For further information about funding options, please call our team on 07 5430 3273.