Day Rehabilitation

Buderim Private Hospital offers a comprehensive range of Day Rehabilitation programs. These are for people who need rehabilitation treatment without needing to be hospitalised. They may be recovering from surgery, a cardiac event, an illness, a stroke, an accident or dealing with a chronic condition such as arthritis:

  • Orthopaedic – Shoulder, arm, wrist or hand problems
  • Orthopaedic – Lower limb problems, including total hip replacement, total knee replacement, and post orthopaedic fracture programs.
  • Cardiac - Re-conditioning after cardiac surgery or conditions
  • Neurological – Vestibular disturbances, Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Guillain-Barre and spinal cord injury programs.
  • Re-conditioning after medical or surgical procedures
  • Overcoming Pain Program - The Overcoming Pain Program uses an interdisciplinary ‘whole-person’ approach, which focuses on promoting self-management plans to meet individual needs by providing education to improve patients’ knowledge and understanding. Patients learn to implement strategies to improve their ability to manage their condition and pain experience, and gain control over their life.
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Day Program - The Pulmonary Day Rehabilitation Program is for people who have: • A recent diagnosis or exacerbation of lung disease (such as COPD or asthma) • People whose quality of life is limited by their lung disease • People who wish to understand which aspects they can control with regard to their disease

A multidisciplinary team including a rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and an exercise physiologist assesses each patient and works with them to create an individualised rehabilitation program to help them regain their strength and mobility, to improve coordination, to reduce the risk of falls, and to relearn skills or find new ways of doing things, such as showering and dressing, preparing food, participating in hobbies, returning to work or driving. This provides the best possible level of independence at work and at home, improving mental and emotional wellbeing. The Rehabilitation Unit has specialised exercise, balance and strengthening equipment to suit the needs of each patient.

Treatment may be provided in group session, individual session, or both, depending on the patient’s individual goals and needs. Sessions can last for two to three hours, once or twice a week.


Buderim Private Hospital has agreements with most private health funds and is eligible for funding through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA). Self-funding options are also available.

If you have any concerns regarding your health fund cover, please contact your health fund to clarify out-of-pocket expenses.

A Referral Is Required

To participate in a Day Rehabilitation Program, patients must be referred by a GP, rehabilitation specialist or other specialist. An accompanying letter from the doctor is also appreciated.

Once a Referral Form is received, the patient is contacted to have either a medical review or a review by a treating therapist. After this initial assessment and the identification of the patient’s goals for therapy, a rehabilitation plan is created. Each patient receives a letter outlining this plan and a schedule of appointments for therapy.