Overcoming Depression


The Overcoming Depression Program is designed to help people overcome their low mood and depression and reclaim their lives.


Low mood is quite normal and most people experience it every now and then. Usually, low mood tends to lift after a short period but if this doesn’t happen it can turn into clinical depression.

Depression is a common but debilitating condition that includes a range of symptoms such as sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, concentration difficulties, loss of appetite, sadness, tearfulness, hopelessness and even suicidal thoughts.

These symptoms make it very hard (and at times impossible) for people to function normally at home and work and in social situations. When this happens professional help is needed to get your life back on track.

About the program

The Overcoming Depression Program is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy, which research has repeatedly shown to be the most effective treatment for depression.

The main aim of the program is to get people out of the ‘depression hole’ (symptom relief) and to keep people out of the ‘depression hole’ (relapse prevention).

The program runs for one day a week for 10 consecutive weeks and the size of the group is usually a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 people.

Every participant will have access to our highly skilled multidisciplinary team with a special interest in anxiety disorders. Our team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, allied health specialists and an exercise physiologist. The program is overseen by the Buderim Private Hospital’s Director of Psychiatry.

What is included?

• All materials relevant to participating in the program

• Links to relevant agencies

• Afternoon/morning tea and lunches

• Access to complimentary mental health carers and family education sessions

Program costs

• Private health funds

• Department of Veterans’ Affairs cardholders

• Self-funding (upon approval)

Suitability and referral

If you are interested in attending the Overcoming Depression Program, please speak to your GP who can make a referral to one of our psychiatrists for an assessment to ensure suitability and confirmation that the program will meet your needs.

View all credentialed psychiatrists at the Buderim Private Hospital and their contact information by visiting buderimprivatehospital.com.au/psychiatrists

Once assessed, referral to the Overcoming Depression Program is completed by the psychiatrist.

For GPs - Referrals

If your patient is assessed as meeting the eligibility for our program, please call 1300 780 413 for more information about the program including available psychiatrists.

Referrals can be forwarded to Cooinda Mental Health Service at bph.cooinda@uchealth.com.au