Trauma Recovery Program - Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Buderim Private Hospital’s Trauma Recovery Program is an outpatient program designed to meet the needs of those who have experienced a significant trauma.

Trauma recovery process

Buderim Private Hospital’s Cooinda Mental Health Service provides a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services and is located at Buderim Private Hospital. Cooinda offers an intensive program to help guide veterans, and those who experienced significant trauma, through the recovery process.

PTSD can make it very difficult, if not impossible, for people to function normally in the important areas of life such as work, home and socially.

Traumatic experiences are common and most people will experience a traumatic event at some point in their life.

After a traumatic experience it is quite normal for people to develop an acute stress reaction such as fright, sadness, or disconnection – these may last a few weeks but within a month or so, most people’s stress reactions begin to dissipate.

However, for some people these symptoms do not go away and develop into post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can last for many months or years. PTSD can make it very difficult, if not impossible, for people to function normally in the important areas of life such as work, home and socially.

About the program

The program covers topics such as anxiety, depression, anger, addiction and sleep disorders, and aims to provide:

  • A clear understanding of post traumatic stress disorder and its impact, as well as factors that maintain trauma
  • The opportunity to learn how to use cognitive behavioural therapy to overcome trauma
  • Assistance to prepare a relapse prevention plan
  • Meaningful community re-engagement through specialist links and resources

This intensive program is available three days per week for a total of 12 consecutive weeks. An orientation day is in addition (prior to commencement) along with regular follow up sessions. The program also includes specific sessions for families and carers.

Program costs

Costs of the program may be supported by:

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Work cover (requires individual approval)
  • Private health funds

Multidisciplinary team

Our clinical team consists of highly skilled and experienced consultant psychiatrists (who specialise in PTSD), psychologists, mental health clinical nurses, an exercise physiologist, occupational therapist and social worker. The program is overseen by Buderim Private Hospital’s Director of Psychiatry.

What is included?

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • All materials relevant to participating in the program
  • Family and carer sessions
  • Links to relevant agencies and resources
  • Morning and afternoon tea and lunches

Individual therapy sessions

As part of the program you will receive individual therapy sessions with a specialist. These sessions use a trauma focused approach to assist with resolving trauma and associated personal problems while supporting participation in the group program. Between 10 to 20 sessions may be required, which take place once per week and are typically between 60 and 90 minutes in duration.

Suitability and referral

We are now accepting referrals for this program.

Your GP, treating psychiatrist or psychologist may refer you directly to the Trauma Recovery Program or to a psychiatrist credentialed with Buderim Private Hospital (visit to view the credentialed specialists and their contact information).

Your referral will be assessed by the clinical team to ensure suitability and confirmation that the program will meet your needs.

A list containing the start and concluding dates for the Trauma Recovery for Veterans program is available by visiting

For more information, please contact the ​Cooinda Mental Health Service on 1300 780 413 or complete the online form below.

Please note: DVA entitled persons may be able to access transport and accommodation assistance when participating in this program. Enquiries relating to Transport and Accommodation assistance are to be directed to DVA on 1300 550 454.

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