Pain medicine and procedures

Pain specialist Dr Paul Frank examines a patients back at Buderim Private Hospital.

Pain management without judgement

Pain is a complex issue that can affect all age groups. From acute to chronic conditions, pain can prevent a person from enjoying a full and active lifestyle.

At Buderim Private Hospital, we have a unique, holistic approach to pain management. Education, medication, interventional procedures, rehabilitation – our experts will work with you to understand your persistent pain and develop a personalised plan that puts your needs first. We also provide acute post-operative pain management for inpatients. Our integrated, team-based care includes doctors, nurses and allied health staff, who are available to assist in your journey to find the pain relief you deserve.

Our location, right here on the Coast, ensures treatment without travelling too far from home, with a tranquil campus, free parking and modern facilities. Your health is our priority, which is evident in every aspect of your care.

BPH Pain medicine and surgery

  • Conditions treated

  • Our holistic approach

  • Education

  • Rest and rehabilitation

  • Medication

  • Pain procedures

  • Acute post-operative pain management

  • Overcoming Pain Program

Meet our pain specialists

Dr Paul Frank
Dr Paul Frank
Pain medicine
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Dr Justin D’Arcy
Dr Rob Park
Pain medicine
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Note: The information here is for general reference only. To understand the benefits and risks specific to your condition and overall situation, please discuss any procedure with your treating doctor.

Your next step

To access pain medicine and procedures services at Buderim Private Hospital, you will need a referral from your GP to one of our knowledgeable pain specialists.

Meet our pain specialists